Running Late for Office? GOOD. Don’t run for death then.

I do think of writing about this issue everyday, but time is a tough thing to keep pace with. Specially when you are a slave in an organisation or to your desires.

I usually cycle to my workplace. 3 specific reason for that —1) saves time: It takes 40 minutes by rickshaw, 12-15 by bicycle 2) Saves money and 3rd and most important I am on my own will.

Many would say that the streets of Dhaka are dangerous with vehicle drivers often not having proper training and often are under aged. I had that kind of perception as well. But to my utter surprise, for the last 4 years I find people standing in the middle of the road are more dangerous for me than any other.

We love our work, love talking over phone on the go, most importantly we like to watch people and nature while walking. As a result, he fall in holes, bump into cars, get crashed by cars or just be lucky and make others suffer.

On my way to office, I have to cycle through Dhanmondi road 6 to Dhanmondi Road 32. Also, I should mention here that I have been living in this area for more than 23 years. Previously, each of the road crossing was a undeclared bus stop. And people would get into bus form the crossings.

Distance I travel by highway
Distance I travel by highway

Now, you must know about how densely populated Dhaka is. If not, then you should visit Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics page or any other International organisation related to statistics. In peak hour, the people crowding this city is near to 20 million by my estimate.

So, people buzz the streets during peak hours trying to get to their workplace, schools, colleges, houses as quick and as less safe as possible (I would bet a lot to argue that, we often do not think even for a second about safety). And people got more lazy than before.

Now, what has started happening is that people who used to wait at crossings, now wait to their closest place from house even in the middle of the road so that they can jump in a overcrowded bus. Many think they are smart as they walk a few step ahead of people to grab even a tiny piece of the bus and to travel like that for the rest of the way.

Don't Run
Don’t Run

I guess they are happy and they feel safe. As they run with their lives for job places. But what in the mean time happens to cyclist like me is that—we have to limit our speed or stop suddenly to keep them safe. Before they used to at least look back when I used to ring my bell. But now, they don’t even care.

Today, I saw an accident happen in such manner. The guy was unlucky as the vehicle was a motor bike. It can’t stop like a bicycle without prior notice, without going a distance.

We should not at all run on busy street. Time is valuable, life is more valuable. Maybe not to you, but to others. respect what others value.


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