Children of War/ The Bastard Child




I would not mind putting the review line in IMDB by one reviewer , “Not many film-makers have dared to make a film on 1971’s Bangladesh war of independence, showcasing those nine long months of untold brutal killings, rapes, painful sufferings and hatred spread over the region resulting in a big genocide.”

Truly it did. The brutality is often avoided, considering the audience. But it does create the false impression of what you see and what you read. visual is always more effective, and in case of one of the worst genocide of history-it is.

To me, there is no controversy about what it reflects and portraits. A history as plain and clear as it can be. The protagonists of the film did their part. There was a delay in release as Director faced a lot of challenge in making his way out of the censor board

The IMDB rating for the film I gave is 8 as in some moments, I could not watch due to my inability to witness such brutality. But it made me realize again, what as a Nation Bangladesh has gone through for it’s freedom. 


2 thoughts on “Children of War/ The Bastard Child

  1. My parents lived through that war, I am thankful for them and the fact that my family is safe. My grandfather lost his rolex to a soldier , and that’s pretty much as close as my family came to that. But, it was incredibly difficult for the lower classes, however, so many innocent people lost their lives that thinking back we paid too much a price for our country.

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