BIASD observes World Environment Day 2014

When my Professor first told me to attend the seminar, I was not sure what I was going in for. The seminar was organised by Bridging Institutions and Innovations in Action for Sustainable Development (BIASD). The seminar inaugurated a Campaign on Clean, Safe and Women Friendly Environment in Educational Institutions for Sustainable Development. Readers who prefer Bengali can read it here.

I was late and I was there in the middle of a presentation. The presentation caught my attention instantly as I was doing a research work on the topic—the environment around us. People with high rank and position in government and at university were present there. What I liked the most about the seminar was the speakers openness in admitting the problems and trying to give suggestions. It was not at all academic rather pragmatic.

BIASD celebrate World Environmental Day 2014

Deputy Secretary Dr Abul Hossain of Ministry of Woman and Children Affairs told a undeniable fact—the way we portray Bangladesh outside is not the right way. He talked about his experience abroad, how he did not used to like cleaning the training premises at the beginning, where he got trained. Then later when he got used to it, he generally understood the importance. Tania Hoque, also mentioned that culturally we are lot aware of our personal hygiene. But we just think of our house and we keep it clean till our doors. Speakers emphasized on the fact that we should develop the habit of treating our surrounding environment as our own. It is our responsibility to keep it clean and we should.

Professor Reazul Haque speaking at the seminar

Professor Reazul Haque stated that women are still treated as unwanted, even by women. The reason being the women do not want their children to go through the same harassment that they themselves went through.

For me, the important takeaway was that a lot is happening around, and I know a little part of it only. I should try to know more. Also, a question that usually comes in my mind is that how effective such campaigns be in the long run? I mean lots of campaigns kick off, how many does reach their desire goal or even half way?

Everybody agreed that the responsibility to keep the nature unharmed rest on the shoulders of young generation. I do agree with that completely. How much aware are they themselves, or do they really care? Time will definitely let us know whether they do or they do not, but for now, we can hope and try.

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