Youth Leadership Summit 2014 kicks off (live blogging)

“To be effective competent, compassionate are not the only  things needed today. You need to grow personal relations, links.” states Ejaj Ahmed, the founder of BYLC as the summit kicks off. 450 delegates are present in the summit.

The keynote panelists include Gowher Rizvi, advisor to Prime Minister, Secretary Nur Mohammad from Ministry of Youth and sports, and Sarah Cooke, Country Representative DFID.
As a introduction of Gowher Rizvi, Ejaj describes a discussion that they had, “To be honest I came back to Bangladesh to serve the interest of the common people-this indicates how dedicated he is.
Gowher Rizvi, in his speech calls the youths to use the opportunity that given to them. He asked them to stop for a while, and reflect on what they are doing. “Mahatma Gandhi had a dream. And he did not let anything get anything in between. He had a vision, no other had in the sub-continent at his time.”
“We can all be leaders. It is changing, what has not changed is need for passion, need for vision, commitment and desire to go beyond oneself. Leadership is very different now. Leader is someone who can bring out the best in others. Leaderships is not being a macho man. Leaders may not have the formal authority but they can create own authority.”

“To lead, is not a top down process. It is as Ejaj said leaders should be able to create network of capable people  and resources and to give their best.”

“You have to prepare to make make sacrifice. Mahatma Gandhi Made sacrifice, Bangabandhu made sacrifice. But the sacrifice asked from a leader should not be of pain, it should be joyful and sacred. Bangabandhu sacrificed a lot, half of his life in jail. He has been charged for treason. But he did not flinch. ”
Sarah Cooke in her speech talked on three points: 1) why UK government is funding the summit 2) Why it is important and 3) Her personal story.
She informed that UK government is committed to support the development programmes for betterment of the people of Bangladesh. UK has donated 262 million pounds last year as bilateral donor. By 2015, UK funded programmes will be supporting half a million children to become literate, 1.3 million to get clean water, 1.5 million people to be free of poverty.
Nur Mohammad, described the work that BYLC is doing to help formulate the youth policy. He also announced the opening of the summit 2014.


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