I missed the first session due to a last moment schedule of a presentation for my masters thesis. But here is a glimpse of the feed that went in social media:

Youth in Politics panel included Shahriar Alam, Mahi B. Chowdhury, Tarana Halim and Nasiruddin Ashim.

Sustainable Development panel included mahabub hossain, runa khan, binayak sen, and shykh seraj.

education and career panel included Omar Rahman,Maimuna ahmad, Fahima Aziz, and Amyn Saleh.

Gender and Leadership panel included Sara Hossain, Nihad Kabir, Luna Shamsuddoha and Anneli Lindahl Kenny.

second session just started. 
I am in the Innovation panel which focuses on ‘Breakthroughs for the public good’. Will keep on updating.
Update 1

The panel consisted Tamera Abid of BRAC, Anir Chowdhury from A2I, PMO, Iffath Sharif from World Bank and Pias Islam, Pi Strategy consulting.

Tamera Abid talked about two of BRAC’s innovation or findings which happened because of the people working at the root level. These two include: Amzad Hossain who made sure that everyone in his community gets vaccination. And the second thing was using Bananas to keep the vaccines cool.

Iffath Sharif talked about three challenges with government’s Social Safety Net (SSN): 1) Equity 2) Efficiency 3) Transparency. But she emphasised on public initiatives and partnerships.

She talked about to pilot project that World Bank experimented with. 6000 beneficiaries were given phone for business and communication purpose in 2 upazillas. 4000 people are still using working, shows the efficiency of the project. In another project 4000 beneficiaries were given post cards by local post offices. The project showed that time and cost both went down because of using the tools. She also informed that the government’s SSN programmes have efficiency of 30% which means a lot being wasted.

Pial Islam talked about digical=digital+physical which is the new theme as digitalisation cant only ensure development. There is a shift from thinking of products+user to Network+user.

Anir Chowdhury talked about the process of A2I and he said the primary approach was totally wrong. Then they started focusing on action plans rather on policy making. An initiative was taken to make government officials to work on only a big idea for eight months. He also stated that government is willing to test new ideas and things. He mentioned:

The session was informative but I never heard these examples before. So I asked the question why these information are not easily accessible? And I felt that people at field level are innovative cause they worked with real people and real time data which became information.



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