Climate Change: ‘Not’ and ‘Nyet!’

Thought Provoking.


Art Decco-Hoover Dam

Who cares about climate change consensus?  The Guardian got it all wrong. The climate community destroyed its credibility. No one believes.

Just look at all of the dishonesty and deceit in the climatology business. From the get-go government scientists changed the rules and played fast and loose with the language to better sell their message of doom. Nature did not agree either and answered with the long global warming hiatus we can no longer ignore.

Do you want to be a part of the climate change ‘consensus,’ which was never more than a made-up idea to make government experts look impressive? Who could disagree? No one disagrees who wishes to align themselves with crooked marketers and Leftist politicians. All scientists rightly ought to be more skeptical than credulous by now.

So, it was refreshing to hear: A piece of wood brought Christian Schlüchter Bernese geologists in conflict with climate research (see, the Christian Schlüchter interview in Der Bund  last week, translated by Bing). Schlüchter learned…

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