GRE: For those who like to prepare at the last moment

My story of taking the GRE will feel to many- strange. I signed up first time in 2011 and then, I did not take it!

I like to tell people, that I woke up late that morning. But what actually happened was that I got too scared thinking I would not be able to get a single answer right in verbal section. So, that was a costly and failed venture. I thought I would not give GRE ever.

But, like many others I wish to pursue higher education in the USA. And for that GRE is a must.

Fear is a thing that will not go easily unless you beat it out of you. At least there needs to be an impact. For the last 2 years, I tried to talk with myself, get myself ready preparing for GRE. But procrastination is a tough thing to deal with.

So what I did, I hit back my fear. Registering again on 17 May, 2014 to sit for the exam on 30 May, 2014! How about that. I promised myself no matter what happens I will attend this year for sure.

But two weeks is not enough to have a full-fledged preparation for GRE. Then again I told myself, now or never. With the help of few people what I did, I am going mention those step-wise. Others can feel free to try these:

1) At first I asked myself how much I know about the format of the GRE? Nothing, not a clue. So I tried to find free mocks online and came to princeton. Gave the free mock, understood the pattern. Also, I got to know what my status is.

2) Then I read the details in ets powerprep— About calculator, about what the GRE requires and what I need to do. It is important what they do not ask you do in the exam. For example, They will not give me problems that require complex calculation.

3) Found a 650 word mnemonic, read it once at first. Made it somewhat close to my-type of mnemonic. Wrote the words down in  cards. I had visiting cards from my previous work place (around 500) which I did not use. They came in handy for GRE. Wrote 500 words—only the words, not their meaning. That did not take much time.

4) Then I revised as many time I want, the words. It was taking less and less time each cycle to recognize the words. As the mnemonic was alphabetical, even if I forgot a meaning, I could easily find them in my mnemonic log.

5) End of each day, I tried out the magoosh website, which was really cool. I tried the practice questions (both quantitative and verbal) over there.

6) For math part, I used NOVA GRE math preparation book. I should mention here that I am quite good at maths. So it took less time to finish the book.

These 6 steps helped me to secure a moderate score in GRE. The difference was a lot as there was 22 point difference in 340 scale from what I got in my mock and what I got in real.

I hope that will help some people.


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