ADB-SANEM Conference on Understanding and Analysing Financial Soundness Indicators (Live Blogging)

ADB and SANEM (South Asian Network on Economic Modeling) jointly organised Conference on understanding and Analysing Financial Soundness Indicators. Shitanghshu Kumar Sur Chowdhury, Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank is the chief guest.

The first session started with Dr Guntor Sugiyarto, Senior Economist of ADB talking about Financial Soundness Indicators and their criteria. He also talked on the perspective of Bangladesh. He talked about why trend is important and why early warning system is needed. Reason being countries do not want to caught in financial damage after the crisis of 1997-1998. He said that still in Indonesia the affect is visible. Most of the times, the crisis came from other sectors rather than from financial sector. “A economy should be healthy and resilient,” he explains, “It should be ready for crisis.” 

Dr Selim Raihan, Executive Director, SANEM told, “We do not have the very updated data of the scams that took place in Bangladesh. How this is effecting the financial soundness of the economy?
When we talk about FSI, we have to keep in mind that we have a large informal sector, large informal economy then as well. ”
Some of the basic features of his paper-
1. Overview of the Bangladesh Economy and Financial Sector
2. Over the years the BD economy has shown stability.
3. How authority can provide access to better data set.

Will keep updating.


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