Interseliger 2014: A lively gathering of 4000 people including 800 International participants

I have never camped before, not with 4000 people together!

This week has been amazing as I have been traveling inside the Russia. This year, I have been invited along with 800 international participants to be part of interseliger 2014, an event going on for the last 5 years. From Bangladesh there are 4 invitees, of which 3 came to the place. 

The atmosphere is incredible, though it is a lot hot than I expected. For 6 days, international participants will learn about Russian culture, their ways and other educational forms. 

The first day was insightful as AIESEC president Vinicius Tsugue and UN youth Envoy  Ahmad Alhendawi talked came to share their enthusiasm and joy. There was a global village organized by the OCs where different countries presented their culture. 

In the second day, I chose PR and media for Lecture and it was a good one as you can see. 

I will try to keep posting,as the rules are stricts about class and time for shower, eating, charging devices is limited. 


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