USA: what’s missing?

Have you ever understood the concept of mass consumerism?

If not the best place to understand it is-USA. Why? Cause it constantly provokes you to spend money and waste. And people do not mind at all. 

The concept of health care is so much vague for me here. Talking with one of the bank manager’s here was more eye opener. He said, “You pay hell lot of money for Health Insurance, and at the end can’t get a serial when you need it.” He added, “You spend money to control the homeless, for police for protection. Yet you can’t spend for the poor.” I asked a bit about banking system, “Well, they are still making money. It’s just maybe not the way they want, that’s why the job cuts.”

I have never held a phone for 18 minutes in Bangladesh. Not even for government offices. Here, I did so. Automated services are not the thing for a newbie, specially when you need direct assistance. And then they reply, “Please hold as our service provider is currently not available.” I used to complain about Bangladesh.

I was invited for an event. And I asked the receptionist of the place, where this event is taking place. She replied, “Gee, I don’t know. You can look around and ask others.”

Transportation system is a mess in North America. I want to go to the nearest, say walmart. the car shows easy 15 minutes drive. And then when I change the icon to public transport. It’s around 20 minutes walk, 20 minutes of bus and 20 minutes of walk!

Maybe I am complaining too much. Maybe, but who is responsible here for what—is a good question now for me in the USA. 



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