Cradle to grave: CO2opportunitines and challenges

First major event attending after coming to South carolina.

I do have a poster presentation for the event but I had to skip first session as there was class.

Right now Jim Ritter is talking about potential of CO2 capture from flue gas by pressure swing adsorption (PSA). He is a professor at University of South Carolina. PSA dows not require water only electricity is what needed. The purity and revocery both were 95%

Jim Ritter talking

Before Jim, Richard Esposito talked about R&D activities who is working for Southern Company. He talked about R&D activities of Southern company. They recently made a plant which has the quickest turn over time after the nuclear power plants.

Miau Yu of Department of Chemical Engineering of USC later talked about CO2 capturing membrne. The ideal properties for this is high selectivity, high flux, stability and low cost of membranes. Limitations include thickness, then silica membranes are not stable. His material of interest is graphene and graphene oxide. Reasons for this are thickness, favorable 2-D morphology and tunable pore size. His research simulated defects on graphene and the membrane performance.


Miao Yu thinks graphine oxide membranes show great potential for pre-combustion CO2 capture. A novel nano channel enhanced membrane structure is underway for development


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