Jobs: Traits to be successful

It’s not easy to be successful. Especially in a time, when jobs are thin, graduates are thick (In number of course!). So what’s the ultimate thing you need to be successful? To me-it’s not only one thing that is the ultimate.

But first you need to define success. And the definition should be set by the person him/herself. We make our limits, limits that we want to break, limits that we can break. So, setup your own set of rules, limits-to be successful, to be motivated. Also do not get frustrated cause at the end of the day, you are human.


Honesty matters, more than success. Often you will find people who failed to do certain things but due to being honest they became successful, and they were rewarded.

Looking back where I was, and where I am right now, I can say to myself I am successful in getting my own goals. It’s not always easy because not everything depends on me. There are factors that we cant control. But we can control our motivation and frustration. We can decide when to be frustrated and when to be not.

When I became a graduate, I had tough time. Deciding what I wanted to do. Job market was hard. Then again, I wanted to continue studying. And I did both. One I did from necessity and one from motivation.

There were days I could have easily been frustrated. Failing in classes, feeling tired after a long day at work yet needed to attend class in the evening, even had rough days at work. But I was never frustrated because I knew I can work and I wanted to study. So I kept trying.

About jobs, it takes time to understand what you really want to do and what you do not want to do. One may dream to do something, but unless you are not actually doing it, you can never really be sure that you will like it. It’s immensely important that you find pleasure in what you do.

I worked hard, a thing that my employers often took as a quality though I left jobs often. I left jobs when the terms written in paper and the terms in actual were different. I can remember in one place the work hours were 9am-6pm. But most days it went till 10pm. I would have not felt bad if I liked the job. I did not after a certain time. Also I tried to pretend I liked it. At the end, it did not work out well for both parties.

Understanding yourself is important. What you expect from the job and what you are willing to sell. You are selling your skill, or your sweat and you need to be good at it. So, being honest about it is not often people will suggest, but I would say that’s the best thing to do.

Be good at at least one thing. Know the basic communication style, try to overcome any difficulties you face with technologies. Be good at basics. Go for online courses. They are free, short and effective. For example: The online learning company Webucator offers a free class of Microsoft training once a month. In the next 10 years, technology dependencies will increase exponentially, and skilled techy people will be given priority. Choose a software and become good at it, it never have to be related to your academic background.

Try to be multidisciplinary. You never know what comes handy. After graduation, I got chance in a Business School to do MBA and in a social science school to do a MSS. Though, MBA looked good on my resume, I chose MSS in Development Studies which opened interdisciplinary opportunities for me.

Try to get involve in clubs and societies. It grows leadership skills and builds networks. I find people in the top positions often referring to people who they met in college or in university level through clubs. Those experiences have changed them and others.  Developing communication skill is a must for people willing to shine in their respective job.

All together, a positive, passionate, communicative and open minded person is more acceptable to people who hire in work places. The reason being they can trust you with any kind of responsibility knowing that you can carry that out effectively. 


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