Wedding in US

I have been in the US for more than 2 months now and I have been traveling a lot lately.

So, this week I am in Charleston, port city in South Carolina. It took around 2 hours to drive from Columbia. I met the bride once and she is a friend of my friend’s. That’s how I got to know about the wedding and decided to join.

I always had curiosity about western wedding. I have watched many via movies, but this will be first proper catholic wedding that I will see first hand. Oh, I should mention here that today (November 2, 2014) is the wedding day.

I am learning about the best man, the made of honor, groom and bride’s mate, usher and the other positions in a wedding. quite fascinating stuff.

Charleston is a nice place, a perfect place to get married. The wedding is around 3pm. It’s right now almost 12. Very much excited for it.

Last two months, I have been busy with things that were not n my control. It was not a good start in a new place. I do want to write in details about it later on, I thing others can learn a bit from it.

Going to start a blog on American Experience. Living in an evangelical, mixing with people going to Presbyterian and Lutheran church, and me being with a completely different identity-it definitely makes a good idea to write about it.

Also, election day is coming. Want to see how it works here.


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