CENT-OS: Newbie’s journal-How the heck to install CENT-OS

This is the second thing that made my life a living hell after the class CFD. Those who have no idea about CENT-OS (I did not have either, until a week ago), it is a REDHAT type linux OS (FREE!).

I have tried CENT-OS 6.6 and CENT-OS 7, the new one. USB booting has been a mess for CENT-OS 7 (Don’t try it until some time passes).

On the other hand, the bootable cd had the same issue in case of CENT-OS 7. CENT 6.6 on the other hand, worked after couple of tries. I would take about the problems of that later on.

Why I needed CENT-OS?

Because I wanted to use ESI-CFD Software which only supported windows, SuSE and REDHAT. And Red hat is not free. I have a computer at the lab that is custom built and It had ubuntu at the very beginning. Ubuntu and Kubuntu are not supported by ESI (That took a day as well, as I kept going back and forth trying to install the software in Ubuntu).

And then arrived CENT-OS.

I think anyone who is starting to work with Linux needs to know the compatibility and version of the software. Anyways, going back to work. PhD is not easy.


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