Russian Movie Night

Well, life in Columbia is kind of boring.

You do have the right to ask why, but if you never lived in a college town, it would take me ages to make you understand.

I have only seen my native village in Bangladesh become so dark and quite after 8pm, I have only seen everything close down during strikes in Bangladesh and over here before sunset.

It is an awesome place for undergrads, not for a person who will be spending significant years for significant study (P *ucking HD).

I have lived quite some time in Russia, that got me attached to the Russian speaking community in Columbia. One of the members invited all to a Russian Movie Night.

We watched ‘Ostrov’ meaning ‘the island’. I never watched it before. The movie reminded of someone who used to be totally eccentric. The person only lived for himself, first to save his life, then to save his sins.

Movie time

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I met Katya, who just started doing her PhD here. She was amazed to see people whoever went to Russia, liking Russia. And she iterated what I usually hear, “People in Russia, just want to leave that place.”

Sadly, it is true. But Russia has so much, so many things different and better than USA. If only, if only they had better management.


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