The war within

I have a friend.

I am his friend.

Only met two months ago.

He is frustrated, he is sad.

He is a veteran.

War within-Photo credit: Christian post
War within-Photo credit: Christian post

Even 4 years back,  My friend used to have a good, happy life. Wife, kids, job and everything. Then he was placed in one of the places where US was fighting the battle against terrorism.

He did not go to active warzone. But now he is facing a war within, a war that shattered many veterans family life.

I was talking about it with people, people around me. They say, it is real and logical. Far from family, in a new remote hostile place, people change. So, do lives of the people who were around the veteran. Veterans often come back and see most of the things as are not as they have left. So, as themselves.

Relationship is hard, specially long distant ones. Not many people can handle the pressure, the necessity to be not single arises from there, I guess.

Also, I found people who are lonely. Lonely inside. They can not trust, or often are afraid to go deep into the relation. Care, share and love is often the least concern, self coming first.

I see no difference what’s happening in my country and over here. The amount of extra marital affair in sub-continent and the amount of divorce in us, are not highly distant numbers.

This war within, how do you fight it? Or is it really necessary think about it?


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