American Life: Freedom of education

I remember reading in a post in the Facebook page, ‘Humans of New York’:

“Every night I used to come home, and go to study in the toilet when my children cried. My wife was waiting for the day I will be done and she can go back to the life she craved so much. Life with family, life of freedom, life in homeland.”

A Bollywood movie that remarkably resembled the life of engineers in subcontinent, also showed how life can be difficult at university level. And as far as I remember, the learning curve often tends towards zero.

I was having a discussion about attendance in classes, even at masters or PhD level. It is like making people attend classes for numbers. At the end grades do matter.

Education being tagged as one of the fundamental rights, how much easy it is to get education? I see around me Americans getting degrees with loans on head even before graduating. Most do study not to learn but to get a good job. There is nothing wrong in trying to find a good job, it’s just why you need a degree for that? You need skills, right?

In a land of patent, education is also in the hands of totalitarian capitalism. How far can knowledge run freely in there?


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