love being human

Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being.

If not, leave this gathering

Words of Rumi, that I was reminded again by a fellow. Words that are true indeed for my life.

I do gamble everything for love, keeping nothing that can hold me back. To live in the moment, to hold nothing back till the end.

We have so many things to think about, our mind is often clogged with comparisons, desires, lusts. So, we love what we lust to love, we love what we desire to love, we love compare. We don’t often ask, “Do we love?”

I met so many human searching for love, for years. Most often missing the vibe or signs, mainly because they do not want to gamble, they do not want to be humiliated, they want to be confirm this is the person.

In 9th grade, we used to have a text book chapter that talked about how human have two spirits—one, that is the animal side, one with the humane. The writer compared both as a two storied building, and to connect you need to at least stretch your hand so that u can climb up. Also, you do not know what there can be in the 2nd floor as you have not seen it.

There was another philosophy I had regarding love and trust. Trust should be like an exam. A person you love should have your trust 100 out of 100, like the chance any examinee would have right at the moment of beginning the exam. The more mistakes the person makes the less mark he/she get, and after certain mark (like 50%), he/she will fail.

And we all make mistakes. That is the human side. Love yourself as well, gamble for it too. I love being human, I love being me.


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