How to apply for a Russian visa in the United States: Here are the details

So, I am in the United States and trying to get a Russian Visa! Plus I am not American!

Well, it is tough to get Russian visa, especially when you are somewhere like from Bangladesh. So here is the process one has to go through.

Photo of Russian Visa Courtesy:

Russians have quite easy system of giving visa, I would say. You send all your documents to designated agencies which will process your document and send you back the passport with a visa or without it. Not all agencies deal with foreigners living in United States. Also, you have to be holder of certain visa category to get a visa. You need to show your reason of going to Russia plus your proper documents in United States.

I found ILS-USA which provided a great service. I called them at the beginning (you can find all their number here). They have 5 branches in the places where their is Russian Consulates. Please do check under which consulate your state falls.

Depending of nationality, the fee will vary. Also, if it is an expedite service, the fee will increase. They will charge 103 dollars for returning you your passport, you do not need to go to the embassy, unless they call you for an interview. Here are the details of the documents needed. Also, you need to fill up the visa application form which is quite easy. Here is the link. Also, They only excepts Money Order or Cashier’s Check.

Hope That helps


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