Journey by train (live): from Saint Petersburg to Smolensk

Russian trains are always delight to travel by. But long hawls can be difficult and tiring. Right now it’s 8:30am moscow time and i am 5 hours away from destination. Its a 15 hour ride.
Outsidethe window, i can see the white world, its something for me. New indeed.
Russian trains. The first time i rode one, i was amazed to see the timing of it. It leaves on exact time and arrives the exact as well. Unusually for many advanced part of the world. Not like russian metro. But still metros are better than usa ones. Every wagon has a designated manager. He or she checks passengerlist and IDs.

Every wagon has fixed capacity and no extra people can be boarded.
Bedding facility is great. Fresh sheets, cover, towel, blanket are there. Toilets are ok, there i water and toilet paper. One needs to pay for any kind of food item to purchase.
Most Russians dont speak Engliah, specially officials. But they are really helpful. On a night train usually, all go to bed immediately. The door of the toilet is kept closed while reaching and leaving an station.
Just looked outside. Everything us white. Snow. New year ia coming.
Train journeys are great, relaxing. Watched a movie, slept, read book and now writing. Wish kept the laptop charging.
Russian internets are crazy expensive like USA. Compared to Bangladesh. No service on train though.
People are slowly waking up and enjoying morning tea.
I travel and find my life a lot different than what it was, how i imagined it. And the more i look at my facebook feed the eagerness to fly more increases.
About flying, yesterday a airasia flight went missing. People are concerned worldwide, but will it stop people from flying?

I think it is high time to think over the communication ideas of aircrafts. Signal getting lost and off the radar sounds a lot cliche for modern day technological advancement.
Just remembered about the death of a boy who fell down an alledged 600 feet pipe. The incident itself is a solid example why anyone would try to go for better opportunity outside of country. I want to discuss about the incident later in details.
So many things to write about and yet i have not started any. Procastination can be irritating, frustrating and loss of knowledge at the same time.


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