Silk: another British masterpiece

Silk: great show

I love British films and filmmakers. Its not easy while traveling to watch series as you have lots of things to deal with. But silk and black mirror have kept me awake for last few nights.
I am gonna talk about silk here, cause I  just finished the first season. I usually fast forward films if they are not that interesting to me. Series on the other hand, are more likely to go down that ally. Silk, fortunately, made me watch every bite.

Why? Pure wit. British are stunning me with their makings. Martha Costello played by Maxine Peake, is a perfect british honest lawyer in the series. She portrays present day working woman, with highest esteme. The series in its first season showed how women in a country like England still face obstacles in climbing up the ladder, how they are defined by their gender, vulnerability, family and other discriminating criteria. Martha tries to uphold justice in between personal and professional life conflicts.  She is pregnant with child of a colleague who is a charming playboy. Most importantly they are both contenders for silk which gives them freedom to practice, working in the same firm. They both have pupils who make things more complicated.
Martha guides audience towards true and just features, shows there are more to which we think as naked truth. As in the fifth episode a judge puts it, “as a prosecutor, you dont win or lose. You just present the facts.”
I rated the series 8 on imdb. I would like to encourage all to see it.


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