Habits to Form, to live

What It Takes to Form a Good Habit

Habits matter, especially when it comes to social and cultural representation. We often take resolutions to acquire good habits, in most cases procrastination eats them up. Other cases, time makes it impossible to happen. Here are few tips to make sure you get what you desire, as good habits.

Order, Order, Order

To form any kind of habit in life, first thing needed is to have an order. You cannot grow when your mind and body is not at peace. Also, it is recommended to have an ordered life before forming a new habit. Order requires willpower as well as developing good habits.

One is good enough

Focus on one habit, not on multiple. It is tempting and people often try. But, that overwhelmed mind and puts pressure on performance. During my sophomore, I took the target to learn Japanese, Spanish and German altogether. And after three months of multiple hours spend on each, I ended up learning none properly. Slow, gradual and one directional development will surely bring anticipated outcome. So, set up for one goal, one habit.

Slow and steady wins the race

I already told the word. ‘Gradual’ development is necessary, because the desired result will not be handed overnight, neither should be expected. Focus on the road, not on the destination. Try not to be frustrated if you sometimes miss couple of days in the beginning (miss doing whatever needed to form the habit), do not give up. For example, exercising regularly is something of a challenge for beginners. Rather trying it every day of the week, priority should be on doing it more regular basis weekly then daily.

Part of your life, not out of it

Incorporate with your life, your habit. Also if possible to make it part of other habits. For example, flossing is often we tend to forget, so make a way for it to be visible, when you need it. Keep it somewhere close to your toothbrush. That way one habit, will lead to another one.

It’s always easy when you get a hand

I started going to the gym in 2011 and stopped in the beginning of 2013. In 2011, I was regular because I had someone as partner in the gym. Then he left the gym next year, I was inconsistent. Pairing up to do good things is always suggested, as that gives motivation, direction, goal and challenge.

You can have it all. Just not all at once

That’s what you always need to remember. It takes time to grow, poise and stable anything in life. Good habits gained over time, are hard to lose (bad habits grown over time, takes time to lose as well). SO, take your aim, give your time and don’t worry too much about the destination. Because, you will be there before you know it.


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