The game of not being Single

A question I was asked at really early age by one of the intelligent man I ever cam across.

Do you really need a relationship?Is it a necessity? Back then I was single, and the world was good enough alone.

The game of not being Single

Then came the time to be in a relationship. Like most relationships, it took some time, some thinking and of course, dedication. Then without any warning or any signs, love of my life disappeared.

If you are normal you will wonder why, it will take you time and you would feel sorrow and grief. I did as well.

But how long you can live with that? My answer would be not for ever.

I now understood what that man meant through his question. It becomes a necessity when you become not single.

And it’s like a cycle. Until I got involved, I never felt the urge not to be single, there were loads of things to do.

I am not saying relationships are bad. I just wanted to point out, to the people who go and make relationships which often are results of fear, fear of being alone. Nothing wrong in that, to be fearful. But, life becomes messy when you base your relation only on that.

The game can be often fun, intimidating and of course full of experience. But, most times it can take you towards some bad choices, dependencies and waste of valuable time of life.

The recommendation would be to have fun, without the fear. Be honest and decisive, not crazy and fearful


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