History A mystery

books do lie

The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.

                                              —Harry S Truman

Now that is a line I would never argue about, and about history as well. I mean what is the point?

The amount of fight we fought to solidify our ground, our history is staggering. And the most crucial weapon of all, carrier and preserver of wisdom—books, can lie as well.

Reason, books are not written on its own, humans write them. As much they love to exaggerate in real life, they do the same in books.

Why history can not be written as plain facts? Facts or chronological actions that describes the event? Does that make the whole subject boring? Also, the people involved in writing history, can they be totally neutral?

Couple of common patterns with historians:
1) Glorification of individuals for profit/without profit
2) Changing the course of justice
3) Making up stories to corrupt the culture
4) Religious biasedness
5) Finding controversial things after a certain period of time which make general people confused

Being a Bangladeshi have witnessed a great extent of it. The history of subcontinent is often galvanized with layers of lie. And the best way to do this? books. Once printed and attested by so called scholars, they become a part of history.
And we also lie about reading books, can you believe it? Here is a easy ticklish reading, from buzzfeed. Here is another website where history and racism and couple of lies come up (not sure if the site lies or not).

Here is another lie (maybe). Hitler not bunker dead, he escaped. How?!? Human is a undefinable being.

The logical question you can ask here, what point I am trying to make here? Books with facts are good for brainstroming but not for becoming evidence itself. It would have, It was in prehistoric time, but it all went wrong from the moment we corrupted it, manipulated it. Is it possible to make a book that without doubt all will recognise? Maybe Mathematics and laws of physics in written word can be taken as constant, but maybe not. Maybe in another dimension or universe, the laws will not work afterall.

Disclaimer: Just bit frustrated with all the people arguing about what’s written in the books while they can find the fact themselves, no hard feelings folks.


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