An evening in Starbucks

The vent air felt cold.

It was a round table on which my laptop resided, me right straight looking at the wall, seated on one of the three chairs. With no coffee, snacks, drinks or food. For one reason, I was full.

And yet I did not feel pressured, to order, eat and leave—quite common in many places I have been. But, not in Starbucks.

I came to know the young lady in wheelchair right behind me from the last two encounters. She comes to Starbucks like many others to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book of their interest, spending hours. The man next to her was almost asleep, the couple in front of him was giggling and sipping their coffee. The guy on my right was reading about history, medieval I recon.

Many are known faces, some are random. And they became known faces through Starbucks. I remember once playing board game in there for 4 hours.

It shows the color of USA, I mean how colorful this country is. Just right now, a Chinese couple came and asked for the chairs with my table.

Well, enough of looking at the people. It’s time to order some drinks. The blog did sound like a start, but the ending may not be that exciting. Or…

Maybe next time when I am in Starbucks I will right about the drinks and what I think of them.


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