A night with Ringling Bros Circus Xtreme

As the Circus Xtreme comes in April (2015) to Columbia, here is a review of their show that I watched on 13 March in New Jersey.

It is an old form of art, Circus and one that I have experienced in my babyhood. Frankly speaking, I don’t recall watching a circus, except for my Mom talking about it. I do remember the zoo though, but that was also a long long time ago (Maybe in 1996).

So, when I was asked whether I want to join to see Circus, I was happy like a child. And my review will be bit childish. After-all, who does not get pleasure thinking of their childhood.

And I was accompanied by a Russian Family—Andrey, Madvei, Stopa and Vika, Father, children and Mother. Though the children were quite young (2 and 4 years old), I was really impressed by the thought that they want their children to watch such events, which is really important for bringing up children.

They were not the only one, the place was full of children and people of all ages and nationalities. In America, everyone works hard 5 days and the rest two of the days, they either party, relax or sleep.

The Circus started at 7 pm, it is tough to find parking in New Jersey, even more when you are out on Saturday. And the price is really high for parking 25 dollars. I wish we had something like that in Bangladesh.

The whole circus was for 2 hours. I never thought much about the circus and the people, involved. But, what I saw, I think around 300 people are involved with the whole process. From acrobats to animal trainers, to bicycle gang, there are many of them. The people who showed tricks on top of the elephant were mostly Chinese.

Circus 12

circus 2And it must be expensive, to maintain all those animals. I really liked the part with dogs, where they showed playfulness of animals.

For children, it is sometimes tough to keep attention because so much happens in a giant big place. But, thinking of the economic and the amusement part, I think it is something everyone should experience once in a while.


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