Live blog: Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training

3 day long Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training kicks off in Florida, with more than 1500 attendees from 86 countries. This is it’s 30th Session and the time is crucial as UN just announced the SDGs and Pope visit to United States was marked with lots of talk on climate.

Over the course of three days, experts will share information about the science behind the climate crisis as well as their experiences educating and engaging diverse networks and communities. The chance to connect with a group of extraordinary leaders from a variety of sectors and countries around the world is vast.

Mario Molina, Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training Director is hosting the training.

Florida is facing flash floods not because of rain but because of tides and that has taken over the discussion among the attendees. Al Gore in his introductory speech talked about it as he went down to see the condition himself.

Then Senator Bill Nelson took Stage:

Next came Mr. Berlin to talk about where we stand in all of it:

After Lunch, AL Gore is right now presenting on climate crisis and solution:


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