I choose you

I thought there was nothing, except

my flesh and bone,between you and me

thoughts can be wrong,You proved it.

I often blow on my body, to feel your rejection,

I can feel the wind, but not your fire

I can hear the whisper, that you desire

Who will win, rejection or desire?

Or both?

Every day is different, yet with two consequences

You fill me, yet reject me

You desire me, yet look away.

I don’t blame you, I know for sure

it is hard to decide, until the moment comes.

I try not to feel it, yet I feel it

It is also my choice, and I chose you,

over and over again.

I choose you, even though I can’t feel the fire.

Cause I know, how empty beds feel,

How wind whispers, how cries echo,

so I choose you, over my loneliness.